Xbox 360 – 2 Tips to Avoid the Red Ring of Death and Keep Your Console ‘Heat and Error Free’

Xbox 360 – 2 Tips to Avoid the Red Ring of Death and Keep Your Console ‘Heat and Error Free’

When the Xbox 360 hit the market, people began to rejoice the marvelous new gaming system and couldn’t get enough of it. It had better graphics and trumped all the over systems available on the market. But then problems started coming up.

First, it was hardware failures and the system began to overheat. Then one day a new problem began to plague it, and it is by far the most frustrating. There were red Xbox flashing lights that no one could figure out. Those Xbox 3 red lights became known as the Xbox Ring of Death.

It is estimated that 70% of the gaming systems that have been released will experience this problem, and will come to annoy gamers of the popular system worldwide. Keeping that in mind there is a need to fix the Xbox ring of death and the process for how to fix the Xbox 360 should remain a simple one. It is important that you keep your cool, realize this isn’t a permanent problem, and you don’t need to go out and buy a new system.

Taking a moment, we’ll explore some major points that need to be considered, and come up with a solution for this plague that takes away from us beating that game, and heading over to Xbox live to battle with our friends.

Before you decide that your system needs a repair, consider the following 2 tips to avoid the problem to begin with:

1. Cooling Fan

What many people don’t realize is that sometimes the answer to keep the Xbox ring of death problem away – is all in the cooling fan. This is due to the fan in the console overheating because it has been stored in an area that has no cool air blow. In the interior of each of the units is a curriculum fan that pulls in cool air and has it come over the circuit board inside the unit.

You can search for cooling fans and accessories that will help keep your Xbox 360 heat-free in Amazon: Xbox Cooling Fan

Make sure your console is always in a well-ventilated area, usually not inside a TV cabinet. The best place can be on a counter near the TV where the console is not air-blocked by any object.

2. Power Adapter

Other areas that begin to experience the heating problem include the power source and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). When one or all of these begin to overheat due to lack of airflow, the problem with the Xbox flashing lights begins and soon you have the Xbox 3 red lights taunting you during game play again.

The same goes for the power adapter – keep it in a well-ventilated area.

Repair Option

If you are already experiencing the red ring of death 360 – consider repairing it by yourself.

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