Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon is the biggest buyer search engine in the world. Amazon’s traffic stats are growing each month with more and more people around the world buying digital eBooks through Amazon Kindle. Why?

In this article I want to answer that question for you and offer you real incentive to rethink what you’re doing with your already existing knowledge. This article is going to be somewhat of a case study as well as I have published on Kindle as an experiment and I’d like to share the results here in this article.

So normally the first objection raised when the topic of publishing on Kindle comes up is that nobody reads those things, they only target people with their own devices (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, etc.)

Those are valid concerns and I know what you feel like because I once thought about that too. Personally, I’m an Apple fiend and I constantly buy the newest apple gadgets and I know how many others do the same, so when I first wanted to publish on Kindle I thought to myself “If I don’t read Kindle books why would someone else who loves Apple?”

That question led me to do some research about Kindle and Amazon’s partnership with Apple. I quickly found out that Amazon has been offering digital downloads on ALL Apple devices so that it’s quick and easy to read digital books downloaded through the KDP store right on your smart phone or device. I tried reading a book on my iPhone and my iPad and even downloaded the Kindle Reader for my Macbook just to see how it works.

So what are the results?

Well, after reading through a book on my Apple devices I decided to see just how far Kindle readers span, like what devices can they read their favorite books on…

What I found out shocked me because there are almost no limitations on reading Amazon eBooks. You can read them on Apple, Android, and PC. After discovering how main stream Amazon books are I had to publish one and see if I could make some quick profits.

The only problem: I’m lazy and didn’t feel like writing a whole book. Can you relate?

If you enjoy writing then by all means I suggest writing your own books for personal enjoyment and satisfaction. Personally I do not enjoy writing as much so I decided to outsource my book.

I had five “blog articles” written on a topic I researched, how to get over your past relationships. I then compiled these five articles (about 1000 words each) into a word document and proof read the entire thing. I made a few edits and then attached a conclusion, table of contents, and action steps at the end.

Having action steps is always a good idea in how-to information because it gives the reader direct steps to take action and raises the perceived value of the information.

So after I finished editing my word document I simply formatted the book for Amazon, paid $5 for a cover image, and then uploaded it to Amazon. That book now sells for $2.99 and when I first showed my family they thought it was so amazing I was an author. Pretty cool right?

Well, since then I’ve gone on to publish over 5 books which are all selling passively on Amazon and making me profits every month. It cost me next to nothing to go through this whole process because all I paid for was the outsourced content of the eBook. By the way, I think it’s noteworthy that I constructed a detailed outline for the content that I gave to the writer to make sure I got valuable content that actually helps people to solve their problem.

So if you’re interested in publishing on Amazon, making passive income, and becoming an author with relative ease then I suggest you do your homework as I did and you will be on the right track in no time. If you want to take a little shortcut feel free to check out my resource box.

See you on Amazon!

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