Considering Online Methods to Sell your Products. RESEARCH

Considering Online Methods to Sell your Products
One of the advantages of living in a society where everything seems disposable is that people have become ingenious in devising methods to buy products. Along with brand online stores, which every business has now, there are some shopping platforms allowing 3rd party merchandisers to sell their goods for a fee. Let’s take a look the many options available for selling online and their cons and pros.

EBay is one of the most common online action marketplaces where you can sell, buy or bid on products.

eBay fees: eBay fees depend on your subscription. The listing fee for fixed price items is $0.20 per item. Final Value Fee depends on what you sell, it varies (Fixed Priced items) from 8% to 15%. Your eBays store cost is ~$16 per month.
Advantages: It is action-based marketplace which means you can buy products cheaper. There is no store needed to sell online.
Disadvantages: 1) Big range of selling fees 2) High selling fees lift product prices 3) Little information about seller and product quality 4) Many fake comments 5) You have to pay for each extra photo you upload.

Amazon is an online retailer for a different kind of product and they sell their own products like Kindle—an e-book reader.
Amazon fees: If you sell more than 40 products a month, you need to buy a subscription, which is a $39.99 monthly payment. When an item sells, Amazon takes a 15% “referral fee” and charges a $1.35 “closing fee”. Some products have even higher “referral”and “closing” fees.
Amazon Advantages: It’s a marketplace mostly for businesses rather than for individuals, higher quality, and better search engines.
Amazon Disadvantages: Even higher fees than on eBay, higher product prices, and fake comments. To sell products you need to set up an Amazon store (which is $39 per month.)

Craigslist is a website for free classified ads.

Craigslist Advantages: It is free.
Craigslist Disadvantage: 1) It’s hard to find a particular product because its built-in search engine is very simple and allows you to search only by name with exact matches.
2) There is no information about the seller. 3) There are no opportunities to enrich your web presence (no themes no design features) 4) In the end, Craigslist does not have a buyer-friendly interface.

Social Networking Websites allow you to create business pages.
It is now a unique way to sell anything as you have your own circle of friends and groups.
Social Websites Advantages: 1) Easy and free listings 2) It’s easy to share your product information 3) People already trust you and the information about you.
Social Websites Disadvantages: 1) Websites are developed for social networking not for business or ecommerce purposes 2) So there are no interfaces, online instruments to search your products, filter results, or good descriptions 3) It is difficult to advertise your product, and you can only share information with your friends.
Glabex is website for business. It allows businesses to create their online presence, list their products and advertise them via all social networking websites and incorporate them in Google product searches.
Glabex Advantages: It is totally free for any business. It has sophisticated search engines, and even allows you to find products when you have made typing errors, or within the information indicted in the product description. It is a social hub for your social presence; synchronizing your profile with up to 10 social networking websites. You can easily update your company information, photos and videos, and your product description throughout the 10 social networks with one click!
Glabex Disadvantages: There is no official Glabex store, so you need either to have company profile or post your goods on your personal Glabex profile page, or just upload products and make sure to provide relevant email addresses for your customers to ask questions. Glabex is not a reseller, nor an agent, so merchandisers are responsible for their products and delivery and buyers for their purchases.
Now you can sell you products. Just be sure to check out the policies and guidelines of selling, especially with online marketplaces. Different online venues have different policies, so it is best to educate yourself well with them so that you won’t end up on the losing end.

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