How to Make Money Self Publishing Fiction Books on Amazon’s Kindle Store

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This video is an overview of how to make money self publishing books on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

A lot of people asked me how to make money with Kindle Publishing and fiction books so I made a tutorial on it. These tutorial isn’t going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about publishing fiction books but it’s a great overview on how to get started.

It all starts with doing market research and finding out what’s selling. Fiction is a huge market on Amazon but there are some niches of fiction that have greater market demand than others. If you are purely trying to make money with fiction books then I recommend you publish books in the hottest niches.

After you find what’s selling you need to take a look at what the best selling books are doing and pay attention to patterns. There will be certain patterns that you notice among best selling books. Things such as keywords in the title, subtitle, the cover, the description, the categories, they have e-mail lists, they have a lot of books published, they are building a brand etc.

Make note of these patterns and implement them in your own books that you publish. The basic idea here is that you are modeling other successful publishers. The keyword is MODELING not COPYING. Copying won’t work, but if you find out what’s working for other successful publishers you can then put your own spin on it and should be able to see success yourself.

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