Returns and Reunions by, Michael Holman (Trailer)

Tabitha, Ben’s vampire girlfriend, has at last asked one question that can forever align their destinies: does she have his free will consent to turn him from a human into one of her kind? Before he can answer, a traitor they have both made the mistake of forgetting about wreaks havoc. Any long-term romantic dreams the couple may have made get obliterated as they and their allies-introduced in Resolve And Retribution-desperately attempt to thwart an embittered enemy of Tabitha who wants a far less mortal-friendly Council of Thirteen chartered. It was such a predatory council Lilith had intended to start, which was her motive for annihilating the original one Tabitha and her mother had served. But nefarious as the ancient Roman vampire had been, there were boundaries even she didn’t cross. To Ben’s alarm, her protégé, the same traitor whom Tabitha had once believed to be her friend, is delighted to trample over and past those boundaries without a second thought. Once again, Ben must act decisively to protect family and friends alike. In this sequel novel Returns and Reunions, Ben, Tabitha, and remnant allies holding fast to their principles regarding peaceful human-vampire coexistence face an adversary as dangerous as she is unpredictable. And when the inevitable confrontation ignites, more than one final good-bye will have to be said.

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