Selling on Amazon Marketplace – How to Connect With Your (Potential) Amazon Customers Directly

Selling on Amazon Marketplace – How to Connect With Your (Potential) Amazon Customers Directly

Amazon USED to give out the email address of your buyers, so you could follow up with them and send them thank you notes and such, but they have changed that a while ago. Read on to find out how you can still connect with your customers.

They might have introduced the restrictions to their contact system in order to keep a tighter reign on customer service quality, and possibly to prevent leakage of their profits. Either way, now there’s no longer a way to get in touch with your customers directly.

Or is there? In fact, there are two ways:

1) Thank You Gifts or Notes

You could include some kind of “special” of gift in your package, maybe a bookmark that doubles as a coupon, or a gift of some kind, for example for an electronic book. If you go for the latter, you might want to give them a choice — or make sure you have a range of offers and send them one that would go well with their purchase.

In order to claim it, they would then have to email you, and bingo — you’ll have their email address.

If all you want is follow up, there’s nothing wrong with writing back, thanking them for their positive comments (saying they made your day!), and asking them if they would possibly be willing to give you positive feedback and include similar comments.

I once received an enthusiastic phone call from someone who said she was so excited about having gotten the book, and so quickly and in such great quality, and that she would leave feedback. However, sadly, she never did.

Here’s the thing: Not very many people leave feedback on Amazon for some reason.

2) Your Own Storefront

One thing many sellers don’t even realize is that you do have your own storefront and if you have a lot of books, it might be worth it to send traffic directly to your own “store.”

For the most part, you will get your customers through your listings right alongside Amazon’s listings (used and new section). But it’s not the only way…

I believe advertising your storefront would work best if you had some eclectic kind of mix of books, where you could advertise it by way of ezine articles for example, or put up an ad at various places (

You could also set up a web page (or a blog) talking about your books, or select ones, with links to your storefront.

One thing that makes the storefront less effective, at least for “free” vendors, is that there’s no discount for multiple purchases, at least not initially through Amazon’s order system, although you’re welcome to refund your buyers part of the money OR upgrading them to faster shipping if they buy multiple books.

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