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This is where I get my Bflute from for cheap
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There are a lot of bad articles online about how to ship books. There are even some videos about how to ship books, but I couldn’t find a single good one, and so I made this video to help people ship books correctly. I have gotten books shipped to me in plastic bags and boxes. Bags don’t work because there is no cushion. Boxes usually don’t work because unless there is sufficient padded space around the book, it rattles around and gets damaged. Bflute packaging is the best way to ship a book. You can get Bflute online or locally. When you buy it in bulk, you can wrap a book for about the cost of a padded envelope but for 10x the padding.

You can save a lot of money when shipping with the USPS! Remember, “If it fits, it ships!” Think of how you can creatively jam stuff into those flat rate envelopes so that they will ship safely! Customers always love priority mail shipping and sometimes you can ship stuff out in those envelopes in a way you didn’t think you could! If you like this video please like, comment, subscribe, and or show it to someone THANKS! :)

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