The Ideal Customer Experience Journey – Book Description at Amazon

What if focusing on customer service is missing the forest for the trees?

Companies like Apple, Netflix, and Amazon have fiercely devoted fan bases, and it’s not just because they do a good job answering service calls. While customer service is important, the true source of a company’s brand power is in the entire customer experience, from the initial exploration to the post-purchase relationship. Business leaders who forget this essential fact find their businesses struggling against the more nimble competition.

Alberto Rocha, with the eBusiness Marketing Group, has helped many businesses transform their treatment of their customers and reap the marketing rewards. Now he’s written a new guide, The Ideal Customer Experience Journey: How to Make It a Reality Every Time, so you can to.

The Ideal Customer Experience Journey is organized into course modules that enable you to systematically examine and improve your company’s customer experience approach. Whether you already have a good customer experience system, or need to build one, The Ideal Customer Experience Journey will give you the tools you need.

You’ll learn how to:

● Map the current customer experience you offer
● Identify the bottlenecks in your system
● Develop an ideal customer experience
● Design action plans for improving the experience at key stages

And much more!

Grab The Ideal Customer Experience Journey today, and start building up your brand–the right way!

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